You are a busy person, especially this time of year. Let Mary "BAKE" Your Day!

Preorder yours today and keep Mary and Tanya hopping!

They makes the most awesome coffee cakes.

Daily we have Cinnamon, Pecan and Blueberry but we're happy to make a custom order for you.


Apple                           16.00

Pumpkin                      16.00

Sugar Cream              16.00

Apple Crumb                          16.00

Cherry                                     16.00

Pecan                                      16.00

Cheesecake Flavors

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $26

Plain $23

Pumpkin w or w/o praline $24/26

Raspberry $24

Sweet potato $26

Turtle $26

White Chocolate Raspberry $26

Crescent Dinner Rolls                       10.00/dozen

Half payment due at time of order. Thank you!

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